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Mission & Vision


At Fryberger, we inspire and develop successful, productive citizens who are environmentally responsible in a changing world.


At Fryberger, we strive to create environmentally responsible students across the curriculum. Our goal is to encourage critical thinking and real-world problem solving through student goal-setting, engineering and design, collaboration, and environmentally respectful practices. We promote a safe, positive, and rigorous learning environment by encouraging students to respect themselves, the community, and the natural world around them. Fryberger Elementary School has been leading students and the surrounding community in environmental education and sustainability practices since the fall of 2018. A parent and staffled committee understood the importance of educating students in the environmental sciences so students may truly make a difference in this world. Environmental education and the use of sustainability practices are forefront in facility and grounds operations, nutrition and health services, and student education at Fryberger. Our students learn the science curriculum through Project Based Learning. Project-Based Learning allows students to have a deep understanding of a topic. Students are able to learn information and retain it longer. It builds competencies for college and career readiness. Most importantly, project-based learning provides students with empowering opportunities to make a difference in their communities by solving real problems and addressing real issues. In addition to the sciences, our students are taught a rigorous English Language Arts curriculum. Students that require additional support receive additional instruction from our Support teachers. Our teachers are trained in Cognitively Guided Instruction in math. CGI is a student-centered approach to teaching math. It starts with what the child knows and through higher-level questioning engages students and their thinking. Finally, our students in 4th and 5th grades focus on WICOR strategies through the AVID program. The AVID program teaches students strategies to succeed in college and/or their career.