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Policies and Procedures

Morning Drop Off/ Afternoon Pickup


Safety is our number one priority.  As with many schools, arrival and departure times are a busy time for our parking lot.  We have may safeguards in place to ensure that all students are in a safe environment.   


Students who eat breakfast in the morning, may come to school at 7:30 in the morning.  Breakfast is served from 7:30-7:50.  Students eating breakfast will enter the MPR at 7:30 through the parking lot entrance. 

Students who are not eating breakfast may arrive at school at 7:45, when the playground opens and is supervised. 

We are fortunate to be one of the few schools sites to have the Extended School Program (ESP), an early morning and after school daycare program.  If you would like early morning and/or after school daycare, you can apply online.


Visit, click on the “PARENTS” tab. Go to the “PROGRAMS” tab and find the “ESP” link.  There you will see “ESP Online Enrollment”


In the morning, you may use the convenient drop-off lanes.  Pull up and drop your child off on the curbside of the lane, when traffic stops.  Please do not wait to drop off at the very front, as this causes congestion.  Do not get out of your car, or let students exit on the driver’s side.  This is not safe practice. 

If you would rather walk your child to the gate, please park your car and walk to the center island in the parking lot.  Wait until traffic is stopped to cross.  Do not let your child cross the parking lot alone.  Do not drop off in the parking lot.  Please use the sidewalks. 


PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY AND SLOWLY IN THE SCHOOL PARKING LOT.  We understand you are busy; keeping all students, parents, and staff safe is the number one priority and we take our obligation very seriously. 


Kindergarten pick-up: Park in the large parking lot and walk to the kindergarten gate.  Please line up so teachers can safely release students.  Please do not call for your child.  Teachers will release students in order, to ensure all students leave safely. 


Grades 1-5 pick-up:  Please pick up your child by parking and walking to their dismissal line.  Do not call for your child to walk across the parking lot, they will not be released to walk alone.

Please keep your children with you while in the parking lot.  Students should not run ahead to the car or play with balls, Frisbees, etc. 

If you have someone else pick up your students, please remind them of our school policies and remember that they must be on the emergency card and they need to have an appropriate picture ID. 

The front office parking lot is for busses and our students who need assistance due to physical needs. 

We have these rules and policies in place to protect all of our students.  On behalf of the Fryberger students, thank you for your support and diligence to safety.

Parking Lot Safety

Please remember to drive SLOWLY through our large parking lot.  In the morning, we have a lot of students that are crossing the parking lot and we want them to get to school safely.

TK, Kindergarten, and Preschool Parents: Please park in our large parking lot when dropping off and picking up your child from school.  The front parking lot is reserved for our school bus and parents with students in our special education classrooms.