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PBL Boosts Science and Reading Learning


Project-Based Learning allows students to have a deep understanding of a topic.  Students are able to learn information and retain it longer.  It builds competencies for college and career readiness.  Most importantly, project-based learning provides students with empowering opportunities to make a difference in their communities by solving real problems and addressing real issues.

Setting the Standard for Project Based Learning by Larmer, J., Mergendoller, J., Boss, S.

Environmental Science and Project Based Learning

A recent article from Edutopia reported on studies completed regarding the effectiveness of Project Based Learning and student achievement (no matter demographics or student ability).  The studies included AP Environmental Science classes, AP Government classes, and a 3rd grade class.   You can read the article here… .

Social Emotional Learning

Positive reinforcement and teaching students the importance of having and maintaining positive character traits are important parts of our focus on teaching the "whole" child at Fryberger. Every adult on campus regularly reinforces our mantra of SOAR; Safe, Organized, Accountable and mindful, and Resilient. 

Each month we celebrate the Growth Mindset of the Month.  Monthly awards recognize students who have truly demonstrated the Growth Mindset.

  • September- Everyone Can Learn
  • October- The Brain is Like a Muscle that Grows
  • November- I am a Valued Member of this Learning Community
  • December- We Love a Challenge
  • January- Feedback is a Gift, Accept It
  • February- A Goal Without a Plan Is Just a Wish
  • March- Mistakes are Opportunities for Learning
  • April- There's a Difference Between Not Knowing and Not Knowing Yet
  • May- I Got This
  • June- I Can't Take Care of Others if I Don't Take Care of Myself


Environmental Principles and Concepts

Environmental Principles and Concepts (EP&Cs) are unique to California.  These 5 principles are embedded in our common core standards across subjects.  The EP&Cs highlight the deep relationship between humans and the natural world.

How do we teach the EP&Cs?

While the EP&Cs are embedded in our reading, social science, and science standards, we have a strong focus on science here at Fryberger.  Project-based learning units are specific to a grade level and allow students to spend a significant amount of time exploring, investigating, collaborating, and becoming passionate about their learning.  Students begin the school year diving into the science curriculum through project based learning.  Each learning project has reading and writing standards built into lessons.  During the second half of the school year, the focus turns to Environmental Science.  Students become passionate about their community and the world.  

Environmental Science » Environmental Principles and Concepts