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School Handbook


Emergency Card Information

Please be sure we have correct home and work telephone

numbers as well as the numbers of two other adults that

we can call and release your child to if you are not at

home. Also provide the name and telephone number of

your doctor in case of an emergency. Remember, if

anything should ever happen to your child at school, the

emergency card is our way of contacting you and getting

emergency help for your child if you can’t be located.

Change of Address and Phone Number

Please report a change of address and/or phone number

to the teacher or school office. It is important that we

are able to get in touch with parents in an emergency,

and our files must be kept up to date.


With very few exceptions, the only excused absence

from school is due to the child’s illness. We strongly

urge you not to keep your child out of school for any

reason except illness or a family emergency. Regular

attendance is important for successful achievement in

school. A written note or phone call from you is

acceptable verification. Absences must be cleared

within 5 days of absence or they will be considered


In the event your child has a doctor or a dentist

appointment we encourage parents to have their student

attend a portion of the day. This minimizes the loss of

instructional minutes, teacher support and peer

interactions and engagement.

Street Sweeping Day

Street sweeping day is on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the

month. Cars will be cited if parked on the street during

the city street cleaning timeframe.

Picking Up Homework When Your Child is Absent

When your child is absent and you want to pick up

homework you are welcome to go to your child’s

classroom after school is out for the day. This policy

eliminates unnecessary classroom disruptions. You may

also contact the office staff to make arrangements to

pick-up homework in the office before 3:45 p.m.

Absent Policy

Three unexcused or five excused absences will initiate a

letter to parents explaining the procedure for addressing

excessive absences. If ten absences for any reason are

accumulated, a letter is sent to parents requesting a

conference with the principal. Five unexcused or

fourteen excused absences initiate a meeting with the

Fryberger Student Attendance Review Team (SART)

prior to being referred to the Westminster SARB

(Student Attendance Review Board) where the parents

will be required to meet with the City Attorney and

Westminster School District officials.


It is important that students arrive to school on time. If

your child arrives after 8:00 a.m. you must walk your

child into the office and sign them in. When your child

arrives late because of a medical appointment, please

bring a note from the doctor and the tardy will be an

excused tardy. Late arrivals are disruptive to instruction,

create additional paper work for the teacher and the

office, and result in loss of instructional time to the

student. In addition, frequent tardiness can develop a

habit in children, which could be detrimental to their

future years in education and the work force.

Tardy Policy

During any given month progressive letters are sent

home for 5, 10, and 15+ tardies. If the tardies persist, a

meeting with the principal and/or the SART Committee

may be required. By State law tardies over 30 minutes

constitutes a truancy, which translates to an unexcused


School Year Vacations

Family vacations should be taken during regular school

vacations. Please note that if your child is out more than

5 unexcused days in a row they will be dropped from

their current class.

Picking-up Your Child Before the End of School

If you need to pick-up your child before school ends,

please come to the office and be prepared to show your

ID and sign them out for the day. The office staff will

call your child to the office for them to meet you.

Teachers are not permitted to release children without

notification from the office.

Closed Campus Policy

Fryberger implements a “Closed Campus” policy

similar to neighboring schools within the Westminster

School District (WSD) and across the nation. A closed

campus policy is a security measure that many school

officials feel is necessary to ensure the safety of both

staff and students by restricting/limiting visitor access.

Fryberger will be “closed” during the instructional day;

all doors and gates will be locked. Our closed campus

policy also includes the following previsions:

  • Parents and other visitors are not permitted on

campus before, during or after school unless

their visit has been prearranged with a staff

member or the site administrator.

  • Parent visitors and volunteers must be under the

supervision of a teacher or administrator when in

the presence of students.

  • All parents entering campus must go through the

Front Office, sign-in the visitors’ log book, and

wear a visitor’s pass at all times while on school


  • Only WSD employees will be allowed on the

playground and other student gathering areas

(including but not limited to classroom lines,

cafeteria, student restrooms, lunch benches,

classroom doorways, etc.) before, during, and

after school.

  • Annual Exception: During the first 3 days of

school at the beginning of each school year,

parents and/or guardians will be permitted to

enter the campus without checking-in through

the front office to walk their child(ren) to class

or class line and meet the teacher(s).

Commencing on the 4th day of school each year,

we will start implementing the Closed Campus


Gate Access for Students

The red gate adjacent to the Front Office will remain

locked throughout the school day, including before and

after school hours. The gate will be used for three

primary purposes:

  • Entrance for morning WSD bus riders  a staff

member will open the gate at 7:45 a.m. and only

permit student bus riders to enter the campus.

Once the bus riders have entered the campus the

gate will be locked.

  • Morning entrance for Special Ed. classes 

multiple staff members in front of the school

will supervise the students. Once all of their

students have arrived, staff will escort the

children to their room and lock the gate behind

them by 8:00 a.m.

  • Dismissal of Kindergarten students  teachers

will implement a one-to-one student to parent

release at 2:00 p.m. on Mon. – Fri. and at 12:50

p.m. on Wed. Once dismissal has concluded the

gate will be locked for the remainder of the day.

In all other circumstances, students will enter the

campus through the main parking lot gate in the

morning. Parents are not permitted to walk beyond the

parking lot gate. All 1st – 5th grade students will be

dismissed in the same area each afternoon (except those

students who are WSD bus riders, they will exit through

the Multipurpose Room).

Parking Lot Usage & Rules

There are three designated “visitor” parking spaces in

the front parking lot available for short-term parking, as

well as handicap spaces which require a current, state

issued handicap placard. In the morning and after

school, staff will only allow cars in the front parking lot

provided there is an available visitor or handicap parking

space. If all of these designated spots are occupied,

additional cars will not permitted to enter the front

parking lot.

Parents are NOT to park in the following areas for any




Parents are welcome to use the main parking lot

(adjacent to the baseball field) before, during and after

school. Cars should be pulled all the way into the

designated stalls. Double parking is not permitted and

cars will be towed at the owner’s expense.

To help keep Fryberger a safe place for students to learn,

parents to visit, staff to work, and community members

to enjoy, the following rules must be adhered to:

  • The far right lane is the only drop-off lane in the

main parking lot, use the lane next to the curb to

drop-off your child(ren). Do not park your car

in the drop-off lane.

  • Student must exit the car on the passenger side

when being dropped-off in the parking lot.

  • The adjacent lane is a passing lane for thru

traffic only. Students should never exit the car

from the passing lane.

  • When driving in the school parking lot,

automobile speed should never exceed 10 mph.

  • Keep your eyes on the road and look out for

pedestrians and children on skateboards or


  • Slow down when the weather is bad and when

traffic is heavy.

  • Do not drop-off students in the center aisle of

the parking stalls. This is not a safe area to load

or unload passengers as cars are pulling in and

out of parking stalls.

  • Do not leave your car double parked in the

center aisle for any reason. Cars illegally parked

or left unattended in unauthorized locations can

be cited and towed at the owner’s expense.

  • The center aisle where the parking stalls are

located should never be blocked and is not an

authorized area to wait in your car at dismissal.

  • Staff will not allow students to walk to the

center aisle to be picked-up.

  • Parents or visitors picking-up children will need

to park their car in a parking stall, get out the car

and walk to the dismissal area to get their

student(s). This practice will be enforced

without exception.

  • Teach your child to look both ways before

crossing the street and when walking from the

center aisle to the curb in the main parking lot

(look to left, look right, & look left again before

crossing). Students should be escorted across

the parking lot by their parent and not be told to

walk unattended.

  • A diagram of the main parking lot layout is

included in this handbook for your reference.

Neither Fryberger staff nor the Westminster School

District assumes responsibility for personal property that

is damaged, lost or stolen.

Use of the Office Telephone

The office telephones may ONLY be used in an

emergency and with office personnel approval. Please

make sure after school arrangements are made prior to

sending your child(ren) to school.

If after school plans change and/or it is imperative that

you speak with your child, PLEASE call during the last

15 minutes of class time and your message will be

delivered to your child’s classroom. This policy

eliminates unnecessary class disruptions.

Speaking to Your Child’s Teacher

If you need to speak your child’s teacher: Your child’s

teacher can be reached before school and/or after school.

In addition, all of our teacher’s have voice mail and

email; you are welcome to leave messages at anytime

and the teacher will be happy to return your call after

school. Again, it is the policy of the WSD to limit

interruptions during core instruction.

Staying After School

Occasionally students may need to stay after school for

individual help or to finish work not completed during

the assigned time in class. You will always be advised

by your child’s teacher if your child is being kept after

school more than 15 minutes in Grades 1-3 or more than

30 minutes in Grades 4-5. Students who ride the bus

will make up time and assignments during lunch and/or

recess. If there is any reason why your child cannot stay

anytime after school, please inform the teacher and

arrange an appropriate alternative. Student who are not

being retained after school by their teacher or who are

not in an after school supervised program are to be

picked up or walk home once they are released from

class. We do not have supervision available for these

students to remain after school hours. Law enforcement

officers may be contacted for students who are routinely

picked-up late.

Playground Supervision

Playground supervision by certificated staff is provided

in the morning beginning at 7:45 a.m. For safety

reasons, please DO NOT permit your child to come to

school before 7:45 a.m. unless he/she participates in our

breakfast program. There is no supervision before 7:45


Playground Safety

With large groups of children playing together, it is

necessary to restrict some play practices at school that

may be allowed at home. The following games are not to

be played at school: tumbling, wrestling, chasing, tag,

tackle football, kickboxing, play-fighting or slide

tackling during soccer or any other organized

sport/game. Every effort is made to teach and reinforce

rules that will allow for us to have a safe and happy

playground. Therefore, we expect all students to follow

school rules. We know that you will want to know if

your child is having difficulty in this area, so we will let

you know if this occurs. In this way, we can work

together to ensure that your child and every child at

Fryberger have a safe and orderly play area. Students are

informed of the correct and safe use of all playground

equipment. They are taught to report any injury on the

playground to an adult on duty. You can help by

reminding your child to be sure to tell someone if he/she

is injured or becomes ill at school.

We also maintain a safe playground by providing play

equipment that is appropriate for each age level. For this

reason, we ask that children not bring toys, games or

other play equipment from home. This almost always

causes a problem on the playground. Additionally, we

ask that children do not wear expensive jewelry or bring

valuable personal items to school. The school is not

responsible for loss of or damage to the personal

property of students.

Walking Safety

To ensure an effective safety program, we ask parents to

help us by giving frequent reminders of safety rule and

discussing the safest route to and from school. For your

child’s protection and safety, we suggest that they do not

walk home alone. Please talk to your child about trusted

families/homes in the neighborhood, which are safe to

go to if they need help.

Picking Up Children By Automobile

Parents should exercise great care when picking up

children at school by automobile. Please do not

jeopardize children’s lives or encourage poor safety

habits by asking them to step between parked cars or to

cross the streets other than in the crosswalk. Parents

should be especially alert on rainy or foggy days.

Parents are NOT to park in the following areas for any




Violators will be cited and assume ALL liability of

towing expenses, supplemental fees and property


Labeling Personal Items

All sweaters, coats, jackets, lunch kits and other personal

belongings, which are brought to school, should be

clearly labeled with the child’s full name. Each year

many articles of clothing are unclaimed. Items that are

labeled can be easily identified and retrieved. The lost

and found is located near the Multipurpose Room. If

you are missing an item please check the lost and found


Rainy Weather

When the grounds are too wet or the weather too

inclement for students to be outside, recess and lunch

will be inside. Our dismissal schedule on rainy days

remains the same, and all students are dismissed at the

usual time.


Students may either bring their lunch or purchase a

lunch from the cafeteria.

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ctÜxÇà@fàâwxÇà [tÇwuÉÉ~ 9 fv{ÉÉÄ VÉÅÑtvà


All students are assigned a lunch number for purchasing

meals. Please help your child memorize their lunch

number. Envelopes are provided in the office so that

parents can prepay for meals. If a child does not have a

lunch, one will be provided and the student’s account

will be billed.

Lunch Schedule

Mon, Tue, Thu, & Fri Wed

11:20-12:05 Kinder  11:15-11:45

11:45-12:30 1st & 2nd Grade 11:30-12:00

12:00-12:45 3rd Grade 11:45-12:15

12:20-1:00 4th & 5th Grade 12:00-12:30

Rainy Day Lunch Schedule

Mon, Tue, Thu, & Fri Wed

11:00-11:30  Kinder  11:15-11:45

11:30-12:00 1st & 2nd Grade 11:30-12:00

12:00-12:30 3rd Grade 11:45-12:15

12:30-1:00 4th & 5th Grade 12:00-12:30


Gum is not allowed at school at any time. Gum has

ruined clothing, marred classrooms, and damaged school

equipment costing parents and the district exorbitant

amounts of money. Students who continue to chew gum

after a warning will be considered insubordinate.


Candy should not be eaten at school on a regular basis.

Please send a healthy snack for your child to enjoy.

Growing children need a nutritionally balanced diet.


Animals may not be brought to school for any reason.

Family pets should remain at home where they can be

fully enjoyed. Please do not bring animals inside the

office, classrooms or any room on campus. This rule will

be strictly enforced. Your adherence is greatly


Parties and Refreshments

Parties at school are kept to a minimum so that they do

not interfere with learning. Each teacher will determine

the appropriateness of room celebrations. The

Westminster School District policy does not permit

home baked goods to be served to students.

Individual birthday parties for children should not

be held at school. Invitations to private parties

should be made directly to the parents of those

children involved, rather than through the school.

Children may not distribute personal party

invitations except after school hours.


We urge every parent and interested citizen in our school

area to join and participate in the Parent-Teacher

Association. This is a very active group dedicated to the

education and welfare of our students.


Parent-Teacher conferences for all grades will be

scheduled in October and April. If additional

conferences are desired, they should be planned before

or after school attendance hours. It is best to send a note

or to telephone in advance to arrange a conference with

your child’s teacher.






Class Adjustments

We set up classes in the spring, but the transfer of

students into and from our school may require shifting

class loads of some teachers after the beginning of

school. If this should occur, we know you will help your

child to accept these changes and profit from them.

Parent Requests for Class Assignments

There are many factors the teachers and the principal

consider when creating classroom rosters for the next

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ctÜxÇà@fàâwxÇà [tÇwuÉÉ~ 9 fv{ÉÉÄ VÉÅÑtvà


grade level. Please remember that due to the complexity

of assigning students and a variety of aspects we must

consider when creating classes, it will not be possible to

honor requests for classroom changes/assignments.

Only in urgent and compelling circumstances will

requests for room assignments be evaluated during the

second week of October. No guarantees or promises can

be made about classroom assignments.


The Westminster School District policy on homework

can be obtained from the WSD Student/Parent

Handbook. In addition, you will soon receive homework

guidelines from your child’s teacher. We urge you to

see that your child completes all assigned homework.

In order to assist students with their organizational skills

all upper grade students receive an agenda to record their

daily assignments. This also provides a reference for

parents regarding homework assignments.

Student Dress Code

School is a student’s place of business, and children

need to come to school appropriately dressed for the

business of learning. Because inappropriate clothing can

distract and interfere with the learning process,

Fryberger Elementary School has a dress code that is

strictly enforced.

  • No gang affiliated clothing
  • Pants must be worn around the natural waistline
  • Strapless or spaghetti strap shirts/blouses may

not be worn at school

  • Midriff shirts/blouses are not permitted
  • Pictures or drawings of weapons on clothing is

inappropriate for school and is not permitted

  • Derogatory pictures and/or words may not be

displayed on clothing

  • Students must wear close-toe shoes to school (no

slippers, flip flops, thongs, sandals)

  • Short and skirt hems may not be more than 4

inches above the knee

  • Open back or low cut tops are not permitted
  • Students must be neat in appearance and well


  • No excessively baggy/oversized clothing
  • No excessively ripped, torn, or cut clothing
  • No professional sports team jerseys; college tshirts

and jerseys ARE acceptable

  • No bandanas, hats, sunglasses, or caps
  • Lip gloss and chap stick are permissible,

however other facial cosmetic items are not to

be worn

In keeping with the philosophy of appropriate

appearance, hair color must be maintained within the

natural hair colors. Students with loud/bright colored

hair and distracting hairstyles (i.e. mohawks, highly

spiked hair, etc.) are in violation of the school dress

code. Students not adhering to the dress code will need

to modify their hair before returning to class.

All of our students are actively involved in physical

exercise and games during P.E. time. For safety’ sake

and for your child’s full participation, we ask that your

child’s shoes be suitable for running and exercising.

Open-toes and/or backless shoes, dressy or high heels

should not be worn to school. A tennis shoe or a

comfortable casual shoe is ideally suited for all school



3rd – 5th grade students are permitted to ride their bike to

school. School Board policy allows third graders to

begin riding their bikes to school beginning the second

trimester. Younger children may not ride bikes to school.

If your child is going to ride his/her bike to school,

please ensure the following:

  • A bicycle helmet is properly worn, which is required

by law

  • The bike has reflectors – front and back, on both

sides of each pedal, on each wheel (total of 8)

  • chair guard
  • Westminster bicycle license in case of theft
  • Your child bring a bike lock
  • You have thoroughly review bicycle safety rules

with your child and he/she understands each of the


The above checklist is for all students riding bikes to

school. Please safeguard your child’s safety by licensing

your family’s bikes. Spot checks may be made

throughout the year. If the bike does not meet the

standards above, it will not be allowed on campus.

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The Westminster Police will ticket students who violate

safe riding rules. Parents are required to attend bicycle

safety class with their child when he/she is issued a

ticket. Don’t let this happen to you.

Skateboards, Roller Skates and Scooters

Due to safety concerns and insurance restrictions

skateboards, roller skates and scooters are not allowed

on school grounds.

Care of School Property

We hope that you will work with us in building pride in

our school and community by encouraging your child to

show respect for school property. Vandalism hurts all of

us – in pride, in our neighborhood and in our wallets.

Dollars spent to repair damage caused by vandalism

means fewer dollars available for books.

We would appreciate your help in reporting any

vandalism to the school.

Parents are held financially responsible by law for the

acts of their children, which results in damage to school

property – including, but not limited to equipment,

library books, materials, desks and to the buildings.

Parent Volunteers

We welcome and encourage parent volunteers in

classroom. All volunteers must have proof of a negative

Mantoux TB test on file with our office before

volunteering in the classroom.

Bus Regulations

Riding the bus is a privilege. Students riding the school

bus shall conduct themselves in a safe, orderly manner

while on the bus or at the bus stop. The driver is to be

obeyed at all times. Bus riders are to go immediately to

the bus as soon as they are dismissed from school.

Improper conduct on the bus will result in a loss of that

privilege and /or disciplinary action.


District policy dictates that at no time is the use of

tobacco allowed on school grounds. This would include

all evening events.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I hope this will be a productive and happy school year

for both you and your child(ren). If you have any

questions during the year, please feel free to contact your

child’s teacher or my office.

WÜA [|tvçÇà{ WA `tÜà|Çxé? cÜ|Çv|ÑtÄ

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WÜA `tÜà|Çxé? cÜ|Çv|ÑtÄ


ctÜxÇà@fàâwxÇà [tÇwuÉÉ~ 9 fv{ÉÉÄ VÉÅÑtvà