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Haiku Learning

Haiku Learning is the new digital learning platform that the WSD is implementing for 2015-16 school year. What does this mean?  This means that all WSD teachers now have access to an easy to use website creator.  Haiku Learning’s drag and drop interface makes it simple to create and update a teacher website and quickly add interactive content, too.  If a teacher already has a website, no problem; he or she can easily import the site into Haiku Learning.  


 What is Haiku LMS?

Haiku LMS is a secure, learning management system that emphasizes content, creativity, and community. Teachers can create Haiku websites for each of their classes and can post information including assignments, quizzes, grades, and multi-media resources. Students and their parents will have access to that information as well as many other interactive features.

The interactive features of the system including class discussion, assignments, assessments, digital media, wikiprojects, polls, and more are available to teachers and students. These features enhance and support instructional goals, student involvement and collaboration. Haiku LMS can extend the boundaries of classrooms into the home and community, while providing a safe and secure environment for learning.