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Parent Resources

State and Standards

  1. – information regarding Orange County Public Schools including school and district information and API.
  2. - this website gives all the California content standards for all grade levels. - gives the national educational technology standards Westminster School District homepage


Games for all grade levels and various subject areas.


General Resources

Teacher Resource Website

Discovery for Kids– Resource site

Fact Monster is the largest free reference site just for kids!!/

Web search for kids by librarians

Teacher resources for all subject areas

Computer Capers from The Next Generation of Teaching and Learning, based on Indiana State Standards

Links for Grades K-12



10,000 icons in gif and ico format


Independent Learning

Mini-tutorials for independent learning

20 Technology Skills Every Educator Should Have (Many links for independent learning)

Microsoft Office Tips for Excel, Power Point, Word, and more

All kinds of games to play online with primary students


Inspiration Activities

List of templates available for use with Inspiration


Interactive Websites

Interactive Classroom (select by grade level)

Interactive White Boards in the Classroom

Using Electronic Whiteboards in Your Classroom

Search for Notebook lessons by standards or subject area

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Math

Engaging Learners the Smart Board Way ech/resources/SBsites.htm

Interactive Internet Resources

Smart Board Resources, Lessons, and Templates

Links to Interactive Websites

Smart Board Ideas

Interactive Math Sites for the Smart Board (Elementary Level)

Links to Elementary Interactive Math Sites

Grade Level Skills Help Pages


Language Arts

Teacher Resources for Language Arts

Punctuation Campground (punctuation practice for upper elementary students)


Elementary Teacher Resources

Digital Kits for Education


4 Blocks Literacy Framework: Leveling Correlation Table (correlates Wright Group Level ~ Reading Recovery~ Fountas & Pennell ~DRA)

Scholastic Leveling Guide

Lexile Framework for Reading

Readability of Text



Interactive Math Lessons Based on NCTM Standards (mid-school appropriate)

Interactive Math Lessons Based on NCTM Standards (grades 3-5)

Interactive Math Skill Building Site for Students

Math for Students (k-8 all topics)

Elementary Games, Lesson, Flashcards, and more

Interactive Games (Upper Elementary and Mid-School Level)

Graph Types (Elementary Level)

Schools of California Online Resources in Education (SCORE) Mathematics Lessons

Student Mathematics Activities (Elementary Level)

Ken White’s Coin Flipping Page

Illuminating NCTM’s Vision for Mathematics

ArithmAttack is a program to test your mathematical skills

Decimal and whole number jeopardy (good for review)

Fraction to Decimal Conversion Table

Pencil and paper Math Jeopardy4/3/2006

Math Flashcards

Free Math Flashcards, Math Resources, and Games (This one takes a while to load)

Online Interactive Games, Quizzes, and Tutorials



New York Philharmonic Kid Zone

Theme-related Songs and Poems (primary level)

Math and Science Song Information, Viewable Everywhere

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra's magical doorway to a world of musical fun and learning for students, parents and teachers!


Pictures to download





Professional/Educator Resources

Discovery Educator Network




Books for Beginning Readers (Great for Independent Work Stations)

A collection of sites for online stories for beginning readers

Picture Books Read Aloud



Free encyclopedia



NASA for kids –Science

Discovery Bottles (Kindergarten)

Carnegie Museum of Natural Science

Science Animations, Movies, and Interactive Tutorial Links

American Museum Natural History – Resource site

Library of Congress – Resource site

Smithsonian Museum – Resource site

American Museum Natural History – Science

(Go to Demo for Owl Pellets)

San Francisco Exploratorium

Science Pictures

Science Songs

Elements in the Periodic Table

Body Systems

Plant, Animal, and Bacteria Cell Models

Weather Web Quest for fifth graders

Directions for recording temperature stats using Excel

Illustrated Scientific Dictionary


Smart Board Resources

Lessons from Smart Technologies for Elementary and Secondary Levels

Ideas for Integrating the Smart Board into Your Classroom

Smart Board Lessons (K-12)



Social Studies

California History Day information

California History

Library of Congress for kids

Good resource for mid-school and above

An online museum for teachers and students featuring active learning projects, multimedia components, virtual exhibitions, and resource guides for the study of American history.

Designed by the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

National Museum of American History

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Colonial Williamsburg



Source for free Internet sound files (wav files)

4300 sounds (wav files) from movies, cartoons, and TV shows



Monster Exchange is designed to encourage the development of reading and writing skills while integrating Internet technology into the classroom curriculum



user: Westm

password: 92683


Web Quests

WebQuest News

Links to WebQuest Sites

Additional WebQuest Links



Choose your own path story site