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Birthday Celebrations

We know student birthdays are special days.  So, to both celebrate and adhere to Westminster School District policy, birthdays will be celebrated at school, using non-food items. 


On a student's birthday, grades 1-5 will also be allowed to choose a friend and eat at the table outside of the office, if they would like. 


Please do not send balloons or food treats. If you would like to send birthday items to all students in the class, please speak to your child’s teacher about sending pencils or other small, non-food items to celebrate and the amount needed to ensure all students get a “prize”. 


We would also encourage celebrating with a book donation.  On your child’s birthday, send a grade-appropriate, wrapped book for your child to open in front of the class.  After the class is finished with the book, it will be sent to the library and placed on a special birthday shelf, with your child’s name and birthday on the inside in the cover.